From Homeless to Wholeness with our 12 month residential program. Help us raise $850,000 to purchase and support Lydia’s House of Hope Transitional Housing Program. Your donation today, will help us turn this vision a reality. Year to date we have raised $460,000!

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Our Mission

To train and equip homeless families and single women with the necessary mind-set and skill-sets required to move out of chronic homelessness into sustainable self-supporting, independent living while providing a safe, loving environment where residents are counseled, equipped, supported, encouraged and empowered to reach their highest God-given potential!

Our year-long program, named New Beginnings, takes place in a highly-supervised residential setting accommodating 25 women and children, where all aspects of the program are multi-purposed to provide classroom and practical training. Rooted in faith, love and hope, residents receive customized programs in budgeting and finance, classes in parenting, cooking and nutrition, counseling and continuing educational services.

Integral to the program is the development and operation of several “Cottage Industries.” These profit-generating businesses are specifically designed to both provide income to help fund the Program as well as to function as a training component of the Program itself for the adult Program participants.

New Beginnings’ business model vigorously pursues several independent income streams concurrently so as not to be solely dependent upon any one source of income to fund on-going operations. To the greatest extent possible, New Beginnings strives to be 75% self-funding and self-supporting.

Dedicated to Lydia Valdez

At the young age of seven Lydia was facing extreme health issues. After many doctors’ visits, she was given the devastating news she had cancer. As you can imagine the family was filled with fear and turmoil. During the next two years of treatment, she was introduced to Camp Sunshine a retreat for children with life threatening illnesses and their families. While at Camp Sunshine Lydia and her family were overwhelmed by the kindness and love shown by the staff in an environment that should have been surrounded by so much sadness. That brief week was a time to forget about it all and be encouraged and uplifted.  The atmosphere of hope was just the thing her family needed to help them through such a difficult time.

Lydia was wise beyond her years, never once did she feel sorry for herself, as a matter of fact she spent a lot of her time encouraging others not to feel sad. A lesson she learned in her short life she spoke in this quote. We call it Lydia’s Wisdom.


After a brave struggle with her illness, Lydia passed away in 2013.

Lydia’s step-mom came to Seeds of Faith with a simple desire to find out how she could help. After hearing about our plans for a transitional house that will provide love, security, and hope to those who have been living without hope for so long, she was immediately reminded of Camp Sunshine that had made such a difference in their young daughter’s life. With their daughter’s memory in mind, this beautiful family announced that they will be giving a transformative gift to Seeds of Faith in honor of Lydia.


Need Help?

Are you looking for a program like the one at Lydia’s House of Hope? 

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